Spy Camera Scenario: Helping to protect the carer and child at home


My child has Autism and is looked after by carers when I’m not there. It would be very beneficial to have a camera in the room so that the carer can see when she has an episode. This would be for her protection but also to protect staff before they enter the room. Ideally I would need one or two cameras that are discreet enough for my daughter not to notice them. I need the cameras to transmit footage straight to a TV or PC so that staff can view it in another room. I have quite a low budget so am not looking for an expensive system.


The best choice would be the Mini Wireless Pinhole Camera, it is often used for bird boxes, as it is very small and has a high resolution. The best feature is that it transmits wirelessly to your PC and has audio transmission and recording. You can simply plug the receiver straight into your PC or TV, up to a 50 metre wireless range and watch it live. You can also set it to only record when there is movement in the room.

The software will also allow you to broadcast over the internet by uploading the photo stream to Google Picasa so you can view your camera on your mobile phone or on another PC/laptop in another location – perfect if you want to check in to view it when you are out.Internet streaming

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