Spy Camera Scenario: Keeping Watch Over Your Caravan


I have a wonderful little caravan kept on a picturesque site, but I need a way to ensure it remains safe and secure whilst I’m away. Unfortunately however, when vacated the site has no power or WiFi, so most traditional Home CCTV systems won’t work for me. Despite this, I would still really like a Caravan Security System that can notify me of possible break ins. Is this possible?



With some of the costs associated with modern caravans, this is actually an incredibly common question for us. The power requirements can cause problems, but we do have a few Battery Powered Cameras that provide a perfect fit for this type of role!

MMS Spy hunting Camera with PIR Motion DetectionOur MMS Spy hunting Camera, for example, has proven itself to be one of the most versatile devices in our range. This simple camera runs off of 4 standard AA batteries, or 8 using the included extended battery case.  This means with a full charge it can remain on standby, ready to record for an astonishing 6 months- perfect for use in a vacant caravan! The integrated PIR (Passive Infra Red) Motion Detector works by sensing changes in ambient heat, ensuring it captures any unwanted visitors. When triggered, the camera will immediately record video or stills using its powerful night vision LEDs, writing straight to the SD card. What’s really unique, however, is the camera’s ability to send MMS picture messages straight to your phone using a simple Pay as you go SIM card! As this uses a mobile network, the system just needs battery power, and doesn’t require an extensive set up process like standalone DVRs.

Alert Pal- Home Security system with MMS alertsAnother CCTV System to make use of the mobile network is our comprehensive AlertPal kit. This tiny device also features PIR Motion Detection, and when triggered sends a series of 5 Picture messages to your mobile phone. This then allows you to quickly assess the situation and contact the police if necessary. This complete kit also comes with a selection of separate triggers, including door latch sensors and a smoke detector. Once set up, any one of these can send an SMS warning message when triggered.  This provides a complete Security Kit for a fraction of the cost of traditional alarms! Importantly, this device uses an internal Lithium Rechargeable battery, but can be run from a standard 12V Leisure battery if extended use is desired.

Example intruder alerts from Alertpal
Example MMS intruder Alerts using AlertPal

Both of these devices provide ingenious ways of remotely alerting you when anyone enters the caravan, and yet can still be left operational for extended periods without a mains power supply.

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