Your Camera Footage

We receive many video and photos from our customers who have recorded camera footage once they’ve installed their cameras. We love seeing our customers’ camera footage so if you have anything you would like to send us then please get in touch

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Bird Box Camera Livestream

Bob Ellis has set up a bird box and has put one of our bird box cameras in to see if he can capture images of a rooster when it comes to nest.

See here:


Wildlife Footage 

Thanks to Matthew Butler for this cracking wildlife footage featuring buzzards, a stoat and a couple of tits! This was filmed with one of our Z15 spy cameras craftily camouflaged in the woods. You can follow Matthew on Twitter @PineMartenMatt


Wildlife Camera Footage of a Hedgehog 

This great little video gets up close and personal with a hedgehog snuffling about. This was caught by Darren using one of our wildlife cameras.


Footage of birds

Our bird box cameras are one of most popular products with many budding bird enthusiasts loving the ability to be able to capture up, close and personal the birds that are nesting in their gardens. Check out some of the footage we have received over the years.

Thanks to Tony Heath for the video above


Live Feeds from Sparrowhawk Island


Sparrowhawk Island have a live feeds of their birds on their website. Click here to see more!

5 thoughts on “Your Camera Footage

  • July 4, 2017 at 11:01 pm

    Can you get a good battery powered CCTV Camera that also has night vision?

    Also is there a camera that is solar powered as id love to put some in the woodlands at the back of my house.

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  • April 17, 2014 at 1:32 pm

    Hi Pat,

    Hmm it depends whether you can get power to that part of the garden or not. If you can’t then one of our battery power trail cameras will do the job nicely. It can work on motion detection and one of the versions can send you a text message when it’s been activated. This however is not live viewing as it records to an SD card. You can see this camera here:

    It might be worth giving one of our sales team a call and they might have some other suggestions. Call 0117 325 2470 – we’re here until 5pm today then we’re open again Tuesday from 9am.

    Happy Easter from the SpyCameraCCTV Team!

  • April 16, 2014 at 4:11 pm

    What’s the best camera / monitor to watch the foxes in my garden?

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